Folding Tonneau Covers

Collapsible bed covers deliver an emphatic end to the argument by blending the sleek looks of a hard tonneau with the easy access of a soft cover. These innovations make folding truck bed covers the perfect choice for any truck owner.
From the lightweight ease of soft foldup tonneaus to the added security of a hard folding tonneau cover there is a foldaway tonneau that exactly matches your lifestyle.  Crafted from strong, ultra-durable materials like aluminum and fiberglass, hard folding covers provide a winning combination of theft-thwarting protection and full bed access. Meanwhile, soft vinyl folding covers deliver a boost of ultra-lightweight style to your truck’s cargo area. These road-tested materials provide lasting payload protection. Whichever you choose, folding tonneaus provide an impenetrable defense from Mother Nature’s fury, keeping your gear secure and dry

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